am i going insane quiz

The most important thing in a life without an I, is being able to believe that even though you are crazy.

Because if you believe that, then you will stay crazy even if you are not. After all, the key to being happy is being able to believe that you are happy, and this is one of the most basic reasons that people stay sane.

Here at The Verge, we take the most basic form of sanity seriously. In fact, we call it “The Verge,” and it’s not just because we like to tinker around with our computers. We also take a lot of time to think about and dissect the mental states of our readers.

This one is obviously a little bit more of a test for you than it is for us. But we’d like to give you the chance to see if you’re really that crazy. We’re going to ask you to answer these questions one at a time. Some of them are really easy and others are a little more challenging.

Ok, well, I have to admit that the easy ones are a bit of a challenge for me. I have a small degree of self-awareness, so I can tell that I’m not the best at answering some of these questions. But if you give me a minute I’ll just go through them all and give you an indication of whether you should be taken seriously or not.

I don’t think you’re crazy at all. You know, it’s been a while since I’ve seen this game, so I’m not sure I would know the answers to most of these questions. But you should be. And I don’t think you’re insane either, and I don’t think that means that I think you should be taken seriously. But I do think you should at least be able to tell us if you’re crazy.

You may be. But I think you should be taken more seriously. I think you have an interesting point of view. So if you claim that you are insane, you should probably just admit that you are. And if you claim that you are not crazy, you should probably just be honest and tell us why you think you are.

It’s one thing to say that you are crazy. It’s quite another to say you are not crazy. I can tell you from experience that I’ve been known to come to a party and say, “I’m not crazy, I’m a Christian.” I’ve had people say, “I’m not a Christian, but I know I don’t get that way.

A lot of people say they are not crazy, but they really are. And a lot of people are probably just lying about it. But, even though it’s hard to know for sure, I think it’s a safe and healthy thing to do at times.

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