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1. Antibiotics are medications used to treat bacterial infections by either killing bacteria or inhibiting their growth. However, the widespread use and misuse of antibiotics has led to the emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which pose a serious threat to public health. Antibiotic resistance occurs when bacteria evolve to withstand the effects of an antibiotic, rendering it ineffective. The growing prevalence of antibiotic resistance has prompted global initiatives to encourage responsible antibiotic use and promote the development of new drugs to combat increasingly resistant bacterial strains.

Which choice best states the main idea of the text?

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2. In the gardens of the memory, roses bloom,

Their petals soft, fragile as whispered secrets.

Yet, behind the bower's sweet bouquet, lies

A thorny lattice of regret that still, with time, persists.

Which choice best states the main purpose of the text?

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3. Through the eons, as winged chariot raced across azure plains,

The celestial choir sang praises to the resplendent Daystar,

Ever vigilant, gifting mankind with luminescent grace. Its shimmering embrace nurturing life, promoting growth,

Bestowing wisdom on those who dare to seek its radiant face.

Which choice best states the main purpose of the text?

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4. Upon the high mountaintop, the climber made his final, triumphant push to the peak. The air, thin and crisp, seemed to blend the boundaries between heaven and earth as wisps of clouds swirled around him. The impossibly vast expanse below, dotted with snow-capped peaks and emerald valleys, stretched to the horizon like nature's grandest masterpiece. For the first time, the climber felt both humbled and transcendent, the world below his feet and the limits of mankind left far behind. Which choice best states the main purpose of the text?

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5. Within the silent forest, vibrant hues of autumn burned as a final, ephemeral sacrifice to the encroaching winter. A quilt of fallen leaves blanketed the ground, the air heavy with the scent of decay and rebirth. Witnessing the seasonal change, she marveled not just at the beauty of the dying leaves but also at the cycle of life and the inevitability of change. Which choice best states the main purpose of the text?

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