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Verbal Quiz - Paralelism

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1. Jack prepped for the job interview by researching the company's history, practicing his responses to common questions, and ____. He wanted to leave no stone unturned in his preparation.

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2. Margot's novel was praised for its complex, relatable characters, the intricate, suspenseful storyline, and ____. Critics agreed that her work was a masterpiece.

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3. The architect aimed to design innovative structures, create sustainable building materials, and ____. These goals reflected his forward-thinking approach to his profession.

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4. The engineering team was tasked with designing a functional prototype, conducting thorough testing, and ____. Their ultimate goal was to ensure the product met industry standards.

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5. To better understand the subject, Roger spent time talking with experts, reading relevant literature, and ____. He wanted to become knowledgeable in various aspects of the topic.

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