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Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens After Purchase?

You can instantly start using all the services included in the plan. You will be redirected to your personal Premium/Plus page and the premium exams, flashcards and quizzes will be available to use instantly. 

Is it a one time payment?

Yes. There will be no recurring payments. You will be charged only once for the plan you select. 

How realistic are the practice exams on compared to the actual SAT?

The greatest strength of is the realism and quality of our practice exams. Unlike many other resources, which often fail to accurately mimic the style and difficulty of official SAT questions, our practice exams are carefully designed to be very much akin to those released by the College Board—the official institution that administers the SAT. This high level of realism provides an unparalleled preparatory experience, helping you to be as prepared as possible for the actual exam.

What are the subject quizzes in Plan 3 about?

The subject quizzes included in Plan 3 focus on specific grammar and punctuation areas like modifiers, parallelism, tenses, redundancy, and more. These quizzes provide targeted practice to help you improve in specific areas. After each quiz, our ai will direct you to the best next step you should take according to your weaknesses and stresses in the test you completed.

How does the AI-assisted digital SAT practice test work?

  When you choose to take an AI-assisted digital SAT practice test, you will find an AI chat window below each question. You can ask the AI helper any question related to the question at hand, and it will provide you with explanations, hints, or clarifications to help you understand the question better.

What kind of report will I receive after completing a practice test?

After completing a practice test, you will immediately receive your calculated score. You will also get a comprehensive report showing your answer, the correct answer, and an explanation for the correct answer for each of the 27 questions in each module (verbal and math).

How do the flashcards and quizzes for SAT words work?

The flashcard feature, available in Plan 2 and Plan 3, includes online flashcards for 1000 SAT words. These flashcards are grouped into several lists, each containing 50 words. After you go through each set of 50 flashcards, you’ll have the option to take a quiz that tests your knowledge on the words you’ve just reviewed. This helps reinforce your vocabulary learning.

1000+ Satisfied Users

“The question quality of the tests here is definitely better than Khan Academy’s and much better than the companys’ like Princeton Review, Kaplan, etc. The questions were comparable to the official questions from College Board in terms of style and level of difficulty.  “

James Renaldo

December 2023 DSAT, 1560

“Having 10 full-length practice tests was very significant for me and helped me a lot during the month before the official exam. I was able to really get into the zone and develop a muscle memory regarding the whole exam experience. This boosted my confidence and was a major factor for me in being very relaxed during the exam since I had internalized the whole exam experience already.”

Sara Blankenship

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