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Verbal Quiz - Redundancy

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1. To enhance students' understanding of real-world applications of their coursework, the math department incorporated practical examples and hands-on experiences into its curriculum. By connecting abstract concepts to concrete situations, students obtain better retention of the material and can see the relevance of ________ in their daily lives.

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2. As part of the school's effort to encourage a healthy lifestyle among students, they implemented a comprehensive physical education program that not only teaches sports and activities but also offers lessons on maintaining a balanced diet and setting personal fitness goals. This holistic approach to ________ helps to develop well-rounded individuals.

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3. One of the challenges that many students face in their academic journey is dealing with the stress and anxiety associated with exam preparation. Some students combat this by establishing study groups, while others utilize _______ such as guided relaxation techniques or physical activities, to manage their stress levels effectively.

Which choice completes the text so that it conforms to the conventions of Standard English?

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4. To ensure the success of their upcoming academic year, the high school created a unique learning program that combines face-to-face instruction with online learning opportunities. This hybrid form of education, called _________, offers students the best of both worlds.

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5. The online retailer recently introduced a new feature on its website that allows customers to customize their orders by selecting specific product options. This flexibility in personalizing the purchases has led to an increase in customer satisfaction and ________.

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