13 Things About xavier majors You May Not Have Known

Xavier majors is a French-Canadian band that blends world-music influences with indie-rock and pop. They have released two full-length albums and a handful of singles, as well as a handful of EPs. Their live shows usually take place at the St. Regis Hotel in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

They’ve got a good live show, but the most fun was the last time they were in the States, playing a few shows at the legendary Fillmore East in San Francisco. I’m not sure what happened to the Fillmore East, but the last time they were there, they got way too rowdy and ended up with a fire, and one of the members of the band died of a heart attack at the end of the show.

We had gone to the Fillmore East once before when they were in the UK. It was one of the most fun shows we’ve ever been to. Their lead singer, Mike, was a great guy, and a real class act. So it was pretty great to see them again, and in a good show.

The Fillmore East is a really great venue for a band like Xavier. The show they played there, and the fact that they played the entire set with a full band is really cool. Also, as far as the lead singer goes, he has kind of been off TV and out of the public eye. He was a good guy, and he was obviously a good singer.

The lead singer of the band, Mike, is a really nice guy. He was a really great singer, and he really deserves to be remembered for what he did for the U.K. in the eighties. If you’re into heavy metal, you should check out the band he was a part of back in the ’90s. Not many bands have been on the scene like this since but it’s pretty cool.

He was not a good singer, but he was a really good singer. And he was a really good musician. He was a rock star, not a rocker.

That’s pretty cool, dude.

What I admire about this guy is that he’s done so much work on his music, and he’s done so much work on his career. He’s not a rocker. He’s not a metalhead, he’s not a punk rocker. He’s not a ska-rocker. He’s a metalhead. He’s a badass. I would say that he’s an absolute badass.

Thats a hard one. And so what if he is an absolute badass? I dont think it is a good idea to paint the entire world of a band. Thats just silly. Thats just unrealistic. And yet, here we are.

We’re also pretty proud of this guy. He’s been involved with so many bands and bands have been good to him. But, it makes sense that he’s an absolute badass.

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