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1. Research on productivity in the workplace suggests that employees who take short breaks during their workday to engage in physical activity are more likely to maintain high levels of focus and maintain relatively high job satisfaction. A team of researchers decided to investigate whether this effect would also be observed in self-employed individuals who work from home. Which finding, if true, would most directly support the research hypothesis?

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2. In the field of linguistics, creole languages are commonly thought to have developed from a mixture of two or more parent languages. A prevalent theory suggests that creoles are created through contact between speakers of different languages who use a simplified version of one or both languages for communication, facilitating the development of a new, unique language. Which finding, if true, would most directly support this theory?

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3. When environmental management consultant Todd Jarvis set out to determine the effectiveness of drought-prone communities storing and reusing water to achieve water sustainability, he compared various technologies, including rain barrels and cisterns. According to Jarvis, the best long-term solution for water sustainability is promoting and investing in water storage technology that can be easily integrated into communities at a relatively low cost. Which finding, if true, would most directly support Jarvis's argument?

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4. Social psychologist Amy Cuddy argues that people can increase their perceived levels of power by engaging in expansive or open body postures commonly referred to as 'power poses', such as standing with one's hands on one's hips or spreading one's arms wide. According to Cuddy, engaging in these postures before a stressful or nerve-wracking event can lead to a higher level of self-esteem and confidence. Which finding, if true, would most directly support Cuddy's theory?

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5. On the island of Madagascar, the critically endangered black-and-white ruffed lemur (Varecia variegata) lives in the island's eastern rainforests. The lemurs are essential for the pollination of many plants within the rainforest, as their only food source is nectar, fruit, and leaves of certain plants. Environmentalists have been lobbying for the protection of these lemurs as a way to also conserve the plants that are vital to their ecosystem. Which finding, if true, would most directly support the environmentalists' claim?

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