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1. After a long day of hiking, the friends were ready to enjoy a delicious meal. They cooked pasta, with fresh ingredients over a small portable grill and the sauce_________.

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2. On the tour, the guide showed them several monuments like the towering Colosseum, the mythical Pantheon, and______.

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3. The students arrived early for their dress rehearsal, eager to practice their lines, try on their costumes, and get a feel for the stage.__________.

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4. To create a successful garden, one must first prepare the soil, select the right plants, and establish a consistent watering schedule.__________.

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5. When they reached the summit, the group couldn't believe their eyes. They saw a breathtaking view of the countryside, with lush forests, rolling hills, and__________.

Which choice completes the text so that it conforms to the conventions of Standard English?

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