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Verbal Quiz - Independent clause / Run-ons / Fragments

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1. The grand opening of the new community center drew a substantial crowd. Visitors admired the spacious, well-designed building, and enjoyed the various amenities. Offering workout facilities, meeting rooms, and recreational areas, the center quickly became a cherished gathering space ________ people of all ages found something to enjoy.

Which choice completes the text so that it conforms to the conventions of Standard English?

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2. The astronomy club met once a month to discuss the latest discoveries and theories about the universe. They often invited guest speakers, such as university professors or researchers, to share their insights and expertise ________ the club members broadened their understanding of the cosmos.

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3. Rebecca's grandmother taught her the traditional recipes passed down through generations of their family, spending countless hours in the kitchen. Rebecca mastered the art of creating these cherished dishes ________ she preserved her grandmother's culinary legacy for future generations.

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4. Throughout his career, Charles has worked in several different industries, including finance, technology, and healthcare _________ this wide range of experiences has given him valuable skills and insights.

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5. The history professor gave a comprehensive lecture on the causes of World War II _________ he discussed the Treaty of Versailles, economic depression, and the rise of totalitarian leaders.

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