- Verbal Quiz - Paralelism

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1. After practicing her violin, Maria loved to relax  ____, reading a riveting novel, and enjoying a cup of her favorite tea. These activities helped her unwind and prepare for the following day's tasks.

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2. As a parent, Sarah valued being an attentive listener, providing guidance and support, and ____. She felt these qualities helped her connect with her children.

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3. For optimal home organization, Marie decided to declutter her living spaces, create designated storage areas, and ____. She hoped these efforts would help her maintain a tidy environment.

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4. Maria enjoyed hiking through the lush forest, exploring the depths of the ocean, and ____. Her adventurous spirit was evident in her choice of pastimes.

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5. To prepare for the competitive race, Maya focused on increasing her endurance, building muscle strength, and ____. She knew a well-rounded training regimen would be essential for success.

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