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1. One of the challenges that many students face in their academic journey is dealing with the stress and anxiety associated with exam preparation. Some students combat this by establishing study groups, while others utilize _______ such as guided relaxation techniques or physical activities, to manage their stress levels effectively.

Which choice completes the text so that it conforms to the conventions of Standard English?

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2. Teachers find that offering personalized feedback on assignments makes a significant difference in the students' overall performance. This personalized feedback includes highlighting specific aspects of a student's work that may need improvement, suggesting possible changes, and commending them when they excel. Providing such _________ has proven to help students better understand their strengths and weaknesses.

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3. In his speech, the environmental activist emphasized the importance of curbing pollution and reducing waste in order to protect the planet. He also urged the audience to utilize sustainable energy sources, increase their recycling efforts, and adopt _________.

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4. As part of their commitment to sustainability and reducing waste, the university has launched several initiatives to encourage students and faculty to engage in environmentally responsible habits. One such initiative involves replacing disposable cups with reusable ones, promoting the use of refillable bottles, and _________.

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5. Modern advancements in technology have played a significant role in improving the efficiency and productivity of various industries. For instance, the agricultural sector has benefited from the introduction of machinery designed to help farmers with planting, irrigation, and harvesting. Meanwhile, the medical field has witnessed astonishing breakthroughs, such as _________.

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